What is CPAP?

For people suffering from sleep apnea and other disorders involving irregular breathing, CPAP is often used to help maintain regular airway pressure. CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. CPAP assists in keeping a steady air flow throughout an entire night’s sleep.

Since sleep apnea and other sleep-disordered breathing conditions are caused by the partial (or complete) closing of the airway, CPAP therapy works to supply a continuous stream of airflow for both inhale and exhale breaths. This perpetual airway supply keeps the respiratory tract open, even during heavy sleep.

CPAP treatment wouldn’t be possible without a CPAP machine. What is a CPAP machine? Before we address the actual mechanism and technology behind CPAP therapy, it’s helpful to look at how CPAP machines developed – right from the start.


How Does CPAP Work?

CPAP is provided by a CPAP machine. In June of 1980, Australian physician Colin Sullivan was credited with introducing the world’s first CPAP machine. Before Sullivan’s invention, CPAP therapy was ineffective, uncomfortable and sometimes even hazardous. And some of the so-called treatments didn’t actually address the underlying problems with the upper respiratory tract (nasal cavity, mouth and larynx) deficiencies. In fact, some people had tracheotomies for sleep apnea.


What is a CPAP Machine?

A CPAP machine is a device that creates continuous positive airway pressure. During sleep apnea, the respiratory tract partially or completely closes. This “pause” in breathing can last a few seconds or a few minutes. In order to open the airway, a sudden gasp is required to restore airflow. A CPAP machine uses a mask over the patient’s nose and mouth, and sends a steady stream of air into the throat and windpipe. As a result, the patient’s airway stays open, which eliminates pauses or delays in breathing.

Sullivan’s machine was the first. Since that time, the CPAP machine has been constantly redesigned to optimize airflow, provide better ergonomics and even track patient breathing patterns with built-in software. The CPAP machine has undergone continuous improvement since Sullivan’s groundbreaking device. And the miniCPAP machine is the pinnacle of that effort.


Learn the Benefits of CPAP Machines

At Sleep Science Resource LLC we’ve been studying sleep apnea for years and finding effective methods to treat this common sleep disorder. The Transcend® Sleep Apnea Therapy System includes a trio of miniCPAP machines (Transcend EZEX™, Transcend II and Transcend Auto™ models), high-end accessories, replacement parts and more – a complete and comprehensive solution to sleep apnea. Many of our customers want to know, how does CPAP work? Sleep Science Resource LLC has the answers, along with a proven method to use CPAP treatment in the most effective manner possible.

Each CPAP machine we sell offers a customized, results-oriented approach to your unique situation. What is the secret behind our affordable and effective CPAP therapy? Technology. Passion. And a commitment to customer satisfaction second to none. Experience the difference with our miniCPAP machine lineup today.

To learn more about our company and our complete product line please visit our contact page, send us an email to info@miniCPAP.com, or talk directly to our CPAP experts at (800) 678-9695. Thank you for considering Sleep Science Resource LLC as your #1 sleep apnea solution.



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