Snoring Treatment – Time for a Little Peace and Quiet

Do you snore? If so, you’re not alone; up to half of all adults in the United States snore at some point. Snoring is your body’s way of saying (in the most annoying way possible), “Hey, something’s not quite right here.” Snoring can indicate anything from a slight obstruction in the airway to a more serious health problem.

Some of the more common causes of snoring include mouth shape & size (overweight people with a soft palate are particularly susceptible), stress, smoking, underlying nasal deficiencies and sleep apnea (which we’ll touch on later). Drinking alcohol and having a family history of snoring and sleep apnea are two risk factors of snoring.

Both daytime dysfunction and heart disease have been linked to snoring. And aside from the potentially bad news snoring might be trying to convey, there’s the lost sleep for sleeping partners. Strangely enough, some people who regularly snore actually sleep more soundly than their bed partners. Snoring not only prevents the snorer from sleeping – there is also the negative impact on the other person in bed! Exploring different ways to stop snoring benefits both people.

Learn How to Stop Snoring Today

Sleep apnea, one of the most common disorders involving nighttime breathing, invariably comes with snoring. The partial airway obstruction is just the main reason behind loud snoring, gasping breaths and other related symptoms.

For those with sleep apnea, CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) is one of the best ways to stop snoring. Instead of expensive surgery or regular medication, a CPAP machine makes an effective, affordable snoring treatment.

How to Stop Someone from Snoring

Have you searched high and low for devices to help you stop snoring only to come up empty-handed? If you suffer from excessive snoring or are looking for ways to stop snoring, you may have obstructive sleep apnea. If you do, it’s worth considering a miniCPAP machine from Sleep Science Resource LLC.

Snoring is one of the major side effects of sleep apnea. Actually, snoring and sleep apnea may be caused by the same thing; an obstructed airway. A blocked airway and upper respiratory tract, the elements of obstructive sleep apnea, is a leading cause of snoring. As such, CPAP therapy ranks as one of the best snoring treatments available today. With ultra-quiet operation and dependable performance our complete line of Transcend miniCPAP machines – the Auto, EZEX and II models – can offer a healthy and affordable remedy to snoring.

Sometimes, stopping snoring isn’t rocket science; it’s just science, period. And, with the technologically advanced CPAP therapy available with our devices, you can once again enjoy invigorating, uninterrupted, snore-free sleep. To speak with our sleep apnea and snoring treatment specialists, call (800) 678-9695. Or, to send us a message, please email  Our contact page is another terrific resource for getting in touch and learning more about our stop snoring devices.


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